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IMAGINATION IS THE EYE OF THE SOUL Joseph Joubert. I am a mother of four...I still remember the smile that refused to go away for weeks after our daughters birth. To have a little girl appear after three sons seemed such a miracle. I have always enjoyed My Doll World, sharing it with Lara when she was little. Today I design knitted outfits for miniature dolls and enjoy every minute of it. The fact that the outfits are removable is what makes it so special for me. Using ever finer threads has opened so many MINIATURE DESIGN opportunities.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Miniature Knitting Patterns 3" Sean

Katelyn for Sean
Making a Shawl to match the outfit really pleased my soul.....
I found it exciting that round shawls could be made,
Tthey seem to take up less room in 1:12th scale pram
and drape well in a box or crib.


  1. Such beautiful items you make Sharon, so much detail and using such fine thread.....wow!

    I have been watching with interest as your blog grows, I bet you are soooo pleased you started.

    If you could forward Manda Theart's email address to me I would be very grateful.

    Thank you!


  2. Dear Sharon :

    O.M.G. !!!! what a magnificent work you do !, I just feel like in heaven looking at it, every pieces is just a dream ! CONGRATS!!! and thank you for sharing.
    You are really a PRO I have to learn a lot about you!!but that´s also a dream ...I do not have the skills! hahaha!
    A big hug from México.
    God Bless.


  3. Lovely work Sharon,I love it!
    I invited you to participate in my little giveaway,
    sweets regads from Spain.

  4. Your work is truly exquisite. I was wondering how long it takes you to make such an outfit. I figure you must be the fastest knitter ever since you have so many incredibly detailed and perfect outfits. How do we get in contact with your to order patterns?


  5. Your detail is unbelievable. I found you through Une Petite Folie. I look forward to seeing more of your fascinating work. Thank you so much for sharing it! Connie

  6. Goede morgen Sharon, wat een prachtig werkje weer. U hoort niet zoveel vzn mij van wege mijn gezondheid. Maar ik volg U wel om al het mooi's te bekijken Lieve groeeten vanuit Beilen Els van Zijl

  7. Good morning Sharon, I'm knitting Emma, buth I have not the pattern for the knickers, You have write to my, Els I see now I have not writtena pattern for the knickers will do so this weekend and re send you the pattern. But you can knit this weekend.
    I'm verry ziek and was in the hospital. Ik wil graag mee breien met de afghaan wilt U mij aub helpen ? Sorry for my English and many greetings Els an Zijl

  8. Hello Sharon, ik zou zo graag patroon Penny's for Pearl willen hebben, maar ik kan U niet bereiken. Hartelijke groeten.
    elsvanzijl @ziggo.nl