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IMAGINATION IS THE EYE OF THE SOUL Joseph Joubert. I am a mother of four...I still remember the smile that refused to go away for weeks after our daughters birth. To have a little girl appear after three sons seemed such a miracle. I have always enjoyed My Doll World, sharing it with Lara when she was little. Today I design knitted outfits for miniature dolls and enjoy every minute of it. The fact that the outfits are removable is what makes it so special for me. Using ever finer threads has opened so many MINIATURE DESIGN opportunities.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Days of Our Lives

I'm off to Cape Town today to look for a new home in which to settle.

As it is my 60th today ......it seemed a good date to start the search.
I will be away for 2 weeks so won't be able to answer emails.....

The break is sorely needed as I have knitted myself almost to a standstill.
I am thrilled how the pieces for my fellow have turned out.

Still need to knit the booties and diapers ...I wish I had done those first...
Diane Smith always does and is so disciplined

I am sure I will be inspired to new heights after my holiday!

Thanks to all for your good wishes

Welcome Beatrice    http://lesminiaturesdebeatrice.blogspot.com/ 

Thanks so much for joining

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Miniature Knitting Patterns 3" Sean

When designing patterns for our miniature babies I look to fabric antique gowns for inspiration.

When working in my daughter in laws fashion studio I was instrumental in one design which later became a wedding gown.

I have a dream and that is

My interpretation of this Wedding Gown into a knitted version for one of our ladies is still just beyond my minds eye but each day  it gets closer and closer.....

I find myself thinking about it just before I fall asleep or when in the shower.


I turned the design into a Christening Gown for starters...it is how to do the train of the gown that has got me thinking.

Miniature Knitting Patterns 3" Sean

I think I am going to call this my KNIT, EAT, SLEEP, WEEK
Where the time has gone I do not know.
I have completed a new outfit for Belly Button Baby changing the Sean design somewhat.

The work towards my Fellow for IGMA is stressful and I am not going to deny it.
I don't usually drop stitches ....guess what it seems I am at the stage the [pattern should read
 K1, drop 1 (D1)

I always say, one only know how to knit when one can fix up a mistake.....
Thank goodness for a very much smaller needle on my work bench.
With all that is happeneing in Japan does not make it easier either...so sad.
What a disaster for the people...all I can think of is the children
Monique is one of my first gowns I designed
My patterns always seem to have elaborate petticoats, with just a tweak here and there one can so easily turn the petticoat into another gown.



When displaying the gown on one of your babies gather the width of the fabric similar to the way one drapes fabric on your larger dolls

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Miniature Knitting Patterns 3" Sean

Katelyn for Sean
Making a Shawl to match the outfit really pleased my soul.....
I found it exciting that round shawls could be made,
Tthey seem to take up less room in 1:12th scale pram
and drape well in a box or crib.

Miniature Knitting Patterns 3" Sean

When designing a new outfit I usually find myself picking up Sean and placing him on my desk, maybe it is his size

For the design  Harry and Sally I used the simple lace pattern.
Mom used to call this
"The Sharon Lace Pattern" as I used it a lot as a child.
Once again only 6sts pattern repeat and 2 rows to the pattern,
the second row being a purl row

When knitting please remember to have a needle 1 size smaller handy, so much easier to repair a dropped stitch


Teddies in My Life

One make things, sells them or gives them away with a willing heart....then going through Photographs 

Oh Yes! remember that little one!

I thought I would share this little one, I found once more!
I wonder where he is right now!
Does she sit in a box or is she displayed amongst other treasures
It would be so interesting to peep around the corner!
I remember using silk thread to crochet around the edge, silk has such a lovely sheen....

Followers and Favourite Blogs

When checking my blog in the early morning 
I am always pleasantly surprised when a new follower has come along to peep behind the 

Wee Small Door

You are all most welcome! 

I hope to share with you ideas, special blogs I have come across, as well as
My personal collection of the "Little Things" we all enjoy.

Followers and Favourite Blogs

If you would like to see the most delightful clothing made by Monica Roberts pay a visit here

You won't be disappointed, promise!!!

I have not been sooooo inspired for a very long time.
The photography takes one into 
"The Wonderland of Babies and Children" both big and small

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Miniature Knitting Patterns 3" Sean

This lace pattern is for the beginner it is so simple to work. The pattern repeat is 6sts and involves only two pattern rows, the second row being a purl row.

Clair for Sean

Manda Theart Fimo Artist

"MANDA THEART" Fimo Artist Extraordinaire

I have long been an admirer of Manda's creativity......I first met her at a teddy fair 10 years ago.She was standing behind her stall wearing these huge sun glasses. behind them were these very red eyes. Someone had broken into their car and stolen or broken so much of her stock.

It pleases my soul that I arranged her first teaching class by telling her to 
arrive in Durban for the occasion...

We had 15 people in the first class ever. 
Our class rules were ...

We leave unhappy talk outside...

No stressing, just enjoy the process. 

No mobile phones unless one has direct contact with Mr Mandela himself...
None of us would ever keep him waiting.

Also not to worry there would be mobile phone breaks!!!


How awesome is that!

Manda is a born teacher and happily shares her techniques with her students. 
As I have always said to Manda....
"Sharing techniques of a craft is not teaching someone to be an artist."

Having her knowledge of how to manipulate the clay and the do's and don'ts of a multitude of things is vitally important to shorten the learning curve of others aspiring to her art form.

The quality of how something is made improves only with practice and more practice.


How wonderful are these tiny little goodies.


 Manda made me "toys and Stuff" for my Teddies and Miniature Dolls.
Seeing them here photographed on my hand shows just how small they are.
 I love the way the items complement my work and am indeed grateful to Manda

Do yourself a favor watch Manda on youtube making one of these little bears
You will be leaning into your monitor eagerly
We would love to know what you think
Invisible eyes on the teddy...Nooooo...Perfectly sized eyes.
Watch her rearrange the position of the Teddy's head
Manda strives for perfection.


Like everything most of us have to start at the beginning...In this first book Manda shares many of her techniques on how to make the various aspects of tiny teddies. They all take practice and having learned the techniques you can make the art of fimo sculpting your own in a far shorter time than going in blind......after all time is so very precious.

Artistry and taste is innate.

I am reminded of what an antique dealer once said ...
He goes to bed at night praying 

"That people with money would get taste and people with taste would get money!!!"

Ah we all need a little extra money...don't we. 
All those miniatures that are out there.

Email if you would like to contact Manda.

I can let you have her email address!

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Miniature Knitting Patterns 2" Heidi Ott Baby

The picture below shows the outfit Dawn knitted in two different threads.
The Teddy Bear is wearing the outfit knitted in Mettler 50  
The Ott baby a mere two inches is wearing the outfit knitted in Venne 70/2

SKU Pattern Code  KDH 000 402-E

I used 1mm knitting needles for both outfits.

Miniature Crochet Patterns 3" Sean

I love crochet it seems to advance so quickly in your hands.
 Writing the pattern out takes 10 times longer ...believe me!

Jan and Pim for Sean

The little fimo toys in the photograph were made by Manda Theart.
Aa very talented fimo artist, one of the best in the miniature world as far as I am concerned.....I love the toys she makes for my dolls.

Miniature Knitting Tips

I thought I would upload some photographs 
showing you the comparison sizes of dolls that I use as models for 

Chrystal's Designs.


 Sean  and the Heidie Ott toddler doll as you can see are very similar in size, and as the Ott Toddler has a soft body most of Seans patterns fit very well.

 The size difference is really rather large.

This is the Pattern Ashley which has 3 sizes in the actual pattern.

It is not just a matter of changing threads, the stitch count has been changed as well, to accommodate the difference in size of each doll.

I am told that you certainly get value in a
"Chrystal's Designs Knitting Pattern"

1/24th Scale dolls are really special, toys for the children 
"In Our Miniature World"

I like the hat on the little doll on the left but I forgot to write the pattern down I was so busy playing and now she is SOLD.

1:12th Scale Miniatures

Searching through my photograph Albums which are in rather a muddle, 
I come across a hidden treasure here and there I thought lost in a digital world
I am busy uploading the pictures to Picasa Web Albums which is a job and a half.

 I know you have seen this hat and bag before on Miss Sally,
I rather like the photograph showing it on the stand so thought I would share.
What a difference the background of a photograph can do to a picture.

The Good news is this ....
A week ago I had my first cataract removed and yesterday the second eye was done.....
My what a miracle the first eye was! It was as though someone had put a spotlight on the world!

Today they removed the dressing on the second eye....
I know it makes all the difference when it comes to playing with hats and bags.
 I need to make a special hat for the upcoming Royal Wedding after all. I know some of the ladies in my Doll Cupboard are already talking about it. The one lady is very conceited and she
"Just has to have a new hat" she says.

As I have said before this is my very first hat made out of Fimo and it is my most favorite

 Do you know this hat took all day and way into the night to make...but it was fun!

 I don't own this little hat and bag anymore I gave it to a friend.

Would you like to see a tutorial on my kind of hat making and decorating?

Answer me in the comment section and lets see what happens!
Do any of you know where can one buy brass Hat Stands?

Friday, March 4, 2011

Miniature Knitting Patterns 3 1/2" Pearl

Isabella uses the same knitting pattern I used for the cot drape Sunshine, although the pattern repeat  is made up of 16sts, the two leaves gives it a very delicate look. 

Worked in Venne 70/2 helps so much with the drape, and using 7mm silk ribbon for the tie adds to the luxury feel to the outfit. The doll was made by my friend Dianne Yunnie

Isabella for Pearl

Gift Vouchers


I have so many people emailing me wanting to buy my patterns once more.......
I think I have got over my "Hissy Fit" about people making pirate copies my patterns. 
Believe me I know exactly who they are.... which is rather sad really. 
The miniature knitting world is really VERY small after all.

The ten pieces of paper can represent days of work by the designer.
If one adds up all the hours put into a pattern no one can make a fortune.....

Bit early for Christmas, but nothing like being prepared


I am slowly getting my house into order...You can contact me and I will then send the gift voucher to whomever you please with the amount attached......and a Number...that should work

I accept Paypal

Miniature Knitting Patterns for the Nursery

Moonlight Bay was especially fun to design....I just kept on adding bits.
I was spending the weekend at my friend Jacquie ...this is how it went 
"What do you think another frill "
"Yes another frill"
"Do you think another frill"
"Yes another frill"
Luckily I was only there for 2 days

 Moonlight Bay available in Dutch and English

The first frill around the hood section was to give a mock turned back hood effect then two more were added each slightly different in length.
There is a pillow cover, a shawl, and a blanket.
I find having two colours in a design seems to enhance the design somehow
The crib itself is made out of cardboard and paper, then covered in fabric.

Frills of Crib attached to Moses basket with ribbons

When I got home from the weekend I put all those frills onto a Moses Basket that a friend had made for me.....I think it works perfectly

Miniature Knitting Patterns 3" Sean

Leigh was designed  when I was in my "Feather and Fan" mode...
It all started out because of a shawl.

LEIGH for 3" Sean

I added the shorter version of the skirt so there is value for money in the pattern

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Miniature Knitting Patterns 3" Traci

Traci is a little crawling doll, really delightful.

The mold is available from 

"The House of Caron"

The frilly panties are knitted then finished off with crochet frills.


MARIA for Traci

 The design has proved to be extremely popular.

The little Pram is made out of Fimo.
Manda had spent the weekend with me and it is wonderful to have Manda showing you her trade secrets.

To watch her fingers manipulate the clay...what can I say!

This picture almost seems as if it is a
"Real Life" child crawling along.

I like to think that all the designs I have ever produced, were made with my own children in mind.
I would have been more than happy to have allowed my own children to wear my designs.

Miniature Crochet Patterns 3" Sean

Admittedly I find it difficult to write out a crochet pattern for such small garments, crocheting most garments has never been a problem, writing out patterns is another matter.
Working out a labeled photographic format for crochet patterns is high on my list of "To Do Stuff"
I am sure it is possible as the Japanese make crochet patterns in a diagrammatic format.

 This particular pattern has a technique I have developed to accommodate the very small necklines of the garment.

If any of you would like a pattern of a bib showing this technique, please feel free to contact me and I will forward you the pattern.

This little Teddy is less than 3"

Also fits the 3" Sleeping Doll Sean

Crochet Pattern Grace

Miniature Knitting Patterns 3" Sean

This design I called Sean, and is one of my best selling patterns. The outfit once again has a separate petticoat.

I only use silk ribbon on my layettes, as it is so much softer and more delicate on the gowns.
This little bonnet has a soft "rouching" of ribbon around the front. 
The outfit is also decorated with fimo flowers.

Miniature Knitting Patterns 3 1/2" Pearl

I have called this design Pearl as it  is the first pattern I did for her.

 REARL for for the doll named Pearl

The design is knitted in Mettler Thread and when using Venne 70/2 the outfit is slightly larger and fits the Hidie Ott Child perfectly

I love knitting petticoats and often the adventurous knitter can so easily turn them into dresses.

 I find it is where I experiment a little

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Favourite Things

I was going through my photographs and came across these of a large doll I made back in .......I remember the scene also had a sleeping Sean in it, made into a fairy sleeping on a log of drift wood, can't find the photograph.

This doll was made for the "Fantasy Section" in our annual doll competition. I no longer owned or should I say I owned the doll for a very short time as I had promised it to my cousin.

She came second in the section.

A little boy a nd girl in the woods won  a very well deserved 1st prize.
Now I would have liked to have owned those two little ones, the whole scene made my imagination run riot.

These were the very first silk ribbon roses I made ...and there were so many!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Miniature Knitting Patterns for the Nursery

Sunshine and Shadows are patterns for a 1:12th scale nursery.


The little Teddy was made by Ana Esteves

When I first designed the drape for the crib it was longer and onto the floor. As I had had the crib made for me I decided the bar for the drape was too low so had another made. In the pattern I say lengthen or shorten the drape to suite the height of your crib.


The baby bag was made by Manda Theart.
Manda has just brought out her first book detailing 

"Her up to now secret techniques that she uses for making these delightful miniatures in polymer clay"

Knitting Patterns for 7 1/2" Riley

This is my latest pattern for Riley which I have called Tamara, the two colors were lying next to each other on my desk....and so the design began!!!

Looking at them I thought those colours would be just right for Riley. 
I don't usually choose brighter colors but they compliment each other so well.

 I will have to make the same outfit for a new doll Dianne has given me as it is an all porcelain mold, which this design has to have.

TAMARA for Riley


Miniature Knitting Patterns 3" Sean

Designing for "Boy Girl Twins" is a lot of fun.....maybe the little boy might not agree with me, what with lacy fabric....
This is a design I did I think last year as you can see 3 inch little Sean is great size to work on.

WILLIAM and LAYLA for 3" Sean

Reducing this pattern using Catona 80 and .07mm knitting needles should be fine for Belly Button Baby who is just under 2 inches. Prepare yourself for dropped stitches by having an even smaller size knitting needle to hand.