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IMAGINATION IS THE EYE OF THE SOUL Joseph Joubert. I am a mother of four...I still remember the smile that refused to go away for weeks after our daughters birth. To have a little girl appear after three sons seemed such a miracle. I have always enjoyed My Doll World, sharing it with Lara when she was little. Today I design knitted outfits for miniature dolls and enjoy every minute of it. The fact that the outfits are removable is what makes it so special for me. Using ever finer threads has opened so many MINIATURE DESIGN opportunities.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Miniature Knitting Patterns Belly Button Baby

I have recently bought the mold for this precious little baby doll and you will see why...

I have called this design LISA MARIE for belly Button baby

 It so reminded me of the photograph that is on my bedside table, often people have commented that you do not see my eldest grandchild's face...it is the mood of the photograph that appeals to my emotions, I wonder what Oliver was thinking.    

I will be designing a lot more for this little doll I do hope you enjoy!


  1. Dear Sharon,

    Congratulations on the start of your blog! Having a blog is one of the most positive things I have done, I have met some fabulous ladies and I enjoy each and every comment I receive....you have made a fabulous start!!



  2. Dear Sharon,

    Congratulations from me to. What a pretty doll and what a pretty dress and shawl. Can not wait for the new things you have in mind.
    I'm going to follow you every day!


  3. Congratulations on the blog. It looks awesome. Hope it goes from strength to strength.

  4. Hi Sharon! Great to see you in blogland and showing your gorgeous designs. Hope you enjoy the blogging experience.
    Love that wee BellyButton Babe, a beautiful mould. I have a couple of Alicia's OOAK babies.

  5. Hi Sharon,
    Just love this little doll. I am looking forward to seeing more patterns for it. Will you also have the dolls available for sale?

    Hugs, Judy

  6. Judy I won't be selling undressed dolls, but my friend Diane may be selling them I will have to ask her..
    So Happy you all like my work, thank you

  7. How great i found your blog. I've wrote an email to you when you showed your babies at the minidolllist, maybe you didn't get it. Love your belly babies, have fun designing and knitting for them, you 've done a fantastic job

  8. Sharon, Can you please email me??
    it's about the Belly button baby's pattern?/
    Thank you \, Hugs to you and i love your blog

  9. Dear Sharon,
    Where oh where, can I buy one of these gorgeous little babies?????? And the outfit is soooo beautiful.

  10. Dear Sharon,
    Can I purchase your patterns? If so, how to go about this. Love this pattern. I have this doll and love to make it.

  11. I want to buy your patterns please!