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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Pinterest Rugs

Over the Holiday period I had a lot of fun on Pinterest collecting pictures 
that please my soul. Pinterest shows you the link to many websites that one can browse...discovered so much. Now everything is in one place easy to find.

Found a site 
"Rugs Done Right" 

and saw the picture of a rug I particularly favour....

This one goes really well with my baby room, 
but I want to make it really big.

Also found a blog where the lady told you how to print onto fabric on your home computer now I can't find the link anymore, I get so mad at myself.

Should have added it to the Pinterest Rugs Board.
A very clever idea ...
when she wanted to put the spray glue onto her piece of card 

a cardboard box was used to contain the glue spray..

Such a "clean" way to do it.....

If you go to this link

you will see other rugs I have found and maybe you can print them for your own personal use.

If you want them a little bigger you can paste them onto a word document to do the adjustment in size.

I rather favour this one for a kitchen or sun room.

Love the green shades in this one also good for a sun room.
In fact I could have this one in my studio....

Not too sure about the pink edges in this one think I should doctor it in Photoshop something new to learn...

I am going to load up the various carpets I want onto a flash drive and take them to my local printer.
Fabric already attached to a piece of cardboard in hand 

Just to see how they manage it.
They have the larger printers.

Have fun.


  1. Hi Sharon, these are lovely! I think the blog that you are looking for is 'A beautiful world' there is a youtube video on this site to show you how to print on fabric here's the link:
    and the youtube video:
    have fun!

  2. I am now your newest followers. I found you via Jazzi minis. You make the most adorable doll thing. I love your front page. Thanks for the reference to the rugs.