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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Miniature Knitting in the Studio

Over the last few weeks we have been discussing Mini Knitting on a 
Yahoo Group called MSAT Mini Dolls.

Realizing people would like a more doable project 
as well as a fun one to boot,
I thought I would share this project with you all.

This is what we in South Africa call the "Charity Square"
You will find needles and thread in a doctors waiting rooms and all you need to do while waiting for the doctor is knit a few rows.

The completed squares are collected then sewn into blankets
by volunteers and then distributed to various charities.

As the squares are knitted in the diagonal the cast on and cast off rows do not show as sides of the square.
I have had this idea on my mind for ever such a long time ...
On one of my coffee mugs there was a puffy quilted blanket 
used to tuck a baby teddy in his cot....
Always thinking it would make an easy knitting project.

I am going to incorporate knitting, crochet, sewing and quilting.
These skills seem combined some how!
 So far I have managed 18 squares and sewn them together.


Because of the colours I have chosen the quilt has turned into

  Peter Rabbit Quilt 



1 mm knitting needles
A very fine sewing needles No 12 Sharp
A No 10 straw needle for Bullion embroidery of the carrots
A piece of very fine cotton patterned if you like, I think I am going to use a piece of batiste that I have printed a pattern on myself. 
Venne 70/2 in the following colors, or six colours of your choice

7-2004 Coral   7-6045 Maize  7-5035 Green
7-6014 Beige   7-4060 Blue    7-6002  Coffee

As well as a reel of darker green for the crochet edge 7 - 5001 

You will need to make 48 squares in total, eight of each colour.
Please note that I have changed the number of squares to 48
Inc           Knit twice into the same stitch
K2tog       Knit two stitches together
Sl1           Slip one knit wise
psso         Pass slip stitch over

Using Venne 70/2 and 1mm knitting needles in the following colour shades
Cast on 3sts

Row 1             Knit 1 row
Row 2             K1, Inc, K1  (4sts)
Row 3             K1, Inc, K2  (5sts)
Row 4             K1, Inc, K3  (6sts)
Row 5 to 13    Continue in this manner till you have (15sts) on your needle.

 Start row count at 1 again

Row 1            K1, K2tog, knit to end of row (14sts)
Row 2 to 12    Repeat row 1 till you have (3sts) on your needle
Row 13           Sl1, K2tog, psso pull thread through the stitch

As you can see I have sewn the pieces together in a special way I did not want their to be a definite diagonal stripe on the blanket.

When I have completed this section I will post Part Two


Sharon Chrystal


  1. i am not so much into knitting and sewing..but this "charity square" knitting is such a nice idea! your tiny squares look ever so cute already! best greetings from Greece! :)

  2. Love the blanket. On the photo I see squares, the pattern are not squares, I am confused.

    hugs Annelies

  3. The pattern makes squares starting from one corner ending in the opposite corner...

  4. Your little quilt is adorable! The edging must have take an AGE!