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IMAGINATION IS THE EYE OF THE SOUL Joseph Joubert. I am a mother of four...I still remember the smile that refused to go away for weeks after our daughters birth. To have a little girl appear after three sons seemed such a miracle. I have always enjoyed My Doll World, sharing it with Lara when she was little. Today I design knitted outfits for miniature dolls and enjoy every minute of it. The fact that the outfits are removable is what makes it so special for me. Using ever finer threads has opened so many MINIATURE DESIGN opportunities.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Days of Our Lives

This is a GOOD DAY as I received such wonderful news yesterday!

Hi Sharon

Congratulations and well done! This is a brief email to confirm that on Sunday, May 1, 2011, you were elected a Fellow member of The Guild by the IGMA Board of Trustees. 

Best regards
Pat Hartman

The box was made for me by Brian Coetzee a South African wood artist, he made it for me in a week which was extraordinary to say the least. I love the masculinity of the box..... then upon opening it one see's all these feminine little things

I have this stupid grin on my face that is so very difficult to remove......I thought I would share some pictures of my submission.

A friend Ana Esteves made the little teddy, bunny and lamb. The teddy and bunny have moving arms, legs and head. They have been flocked and are perfect replicas of a large teddy, they are only 1 inch BIG/SMALL. Ana also did the flowers for me, at that point after my Mom had died I simply was not up to it any more.

I used Madeira Catona 80 thread for all the outfits.
They were made to fit the 
Belly Button Baby

I hope you enjoy!



  1. Many Congratulations Sharon, very well deserved. Your work is outstanding..xxx

  2. Congratulations!!! It's so so lovely and perfect your works!!!

  3. Congratulations! Your work is exquisite and I look forward to all these gorgeous patterns being available for purchase.

  4. Congratulations, Sharon! Your knitting is fabulous, and I love the way you presented it! I have an Allie Bean baby who needs some clothes, so I'll be watching for new designs!

  5. ((((SHARON)))) I AM SO HAPPY FOR YOU!!! You so deserve the Fellowship! Your work is stunning! I am so pleased that you signed into my giveaway! I had no idea that you have been blogging! I adore your work and Ana Esteves is so sweet and talented! I have been fortunate to buy some of her delightful items. I am so sorry to read about the loss of your Mother! It must have been a terrible blow. My biggest dread is when that day arrives for my sister's and I.
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you too! I am really looking forward to following your blog and being able to see more of your exquisite work!!!! Big Hugs to you, Patty :)

  6. Dear Sharon,

    Again, congratulations! I'm very proud to have you, such a talented lady, as my friend.

    Hugs Annelies

  7. Congratulations!!! It is most certainly well deserved. Your work is beautiful!!! =)

  8. Congratulations, Sharon! Your knitting is gorgeous, and I love presented it. Where can I buy your designs?

  9. Sharon, Could you email me.....I have tried two times to write and both letters failed to go through. Thanks


  10. Sharon,

    Your work is so exquisite and more than deserving to become a Fellow. Congratulations!!!
    I love following your blog and check daily to see what is new. It is a bright spot in my day :)



    I am a little slow catching up with this wonderful news....you have a right to be thrilled and I bet that smile stayed on your face for days....well done!!!!!

    Linda x

  12. Felicidades!!
    I am amazed, I love everything. It is a wonderful work.
    I have envy .... it recovers.