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IMAGINATION IS THE EYE OF THE SOUL Joseph Joubert. I am a mother of four...I still remember the smile that refused to go away for weeks after our daughters birth. To have a little girl appear after three sons seemed such a miracle. I have always enjoyed My Doll World, sharing it with Lara when she was little. Today I design knitted outfits for miniature dolls and enjoy every minute of it. The fact that the outfits are removable is what makes it so special for me. Using ever finer threads has opened so many MINIATURE DESIGN opportunities.

Friday, May 4, 2012

1:12th Scale Miniatures

Thought I would share with you one of my most favorite miniatures.

A pram by the Roberson's.

I so wish I had kept a little black book of all the treasures I had bought over the years...

Stating -  Date - Price - Maker it sure would be a lot of fun to look at it today.

More and more collectors are concentrating on quality and not quantity, these will be the miniatures that survive into the future.....

All I do remember about this pram is that it is more than 15 years ago that I bought it,  at the time it cost me 69 Euro's and I had to save up for it. I have since bought a second pram from the Ronbersons as this one was almost identical to the pram one I had for my first baby, and this time it cost 180 Euro's

The real life carriage pram was second hand it was in perfect condition, taking Shane for a walk on our dirt roads was anything but peaceful, the poor little might was bumped around so much I had to only walk in the garden....but seeing it parked on the verandah with a little hand waving about under the net was so beautiful.

The joke was the pram would not even fit into our motor car.....

I had also bought the hat bag and parasol from a fair in Johannesburg..... once again I do not know who even made them. Then years later I got my friend to make a doll so I could display the pram and doll together ...

The quality of the ostrich feathers are an absolute delight, now I know one can curl feathers using your scissors, similar to curling ribbon when wanting to decorate a gift but the quality is not there. Have to make some inroad into sourcing those as well.



  1. Together it is such a lovely vignette. Individually each piece is gorgeous. I wish I could get a closer look. ;-)
    I love the pram!
    IGMA Fellow... Is that new? If so Congratulations!!!

    1. Catherine you made me smile, I love the look of the vignette as well.

      I have had the pleasure of being a fellow for just over a year now, and would like to think that my work has improved in this last year....

      I remember a teacher who taught us history, he had been a teacher for twenty years but only had one years experience......I want to look back at the year past and say to myself yes the designs have improved, and I have taught the ladies who collect my patterns something new!

  2. Remembering you bought a pram also when we were at the fair in Arnhem. Which one was that?
    Hugs Annelies

    1. You certainly have a good memory Annelies, it was the navy blue and white Roberson pram that I bought at Arnhem. My Riley doll plays with that one.
      I could not resisit that one as it was so similar to the one I had for my first baby!!!

  3. Sharon, I love this photo! The Pram is gorgeous. I have one that is similar but mine is black and I think my wheels are black. I found it on ebay of all places! I LOVE the Robersons Prams!! They are made so well. We need to see what precious baby is in it!!!!! :)

    1. Don't laugh Patty when I tell you there was no baby in the pram as I am busy making a new pillow for the pram!!!!
      Belly Button baby fits in perfectly though.

  4. Ah Sharon ... it's two minds thinking alike again! My Roberson's pram is one of my treasures as well. Although it's a wee bit more modern than this one, it's an 'almost' exact match to the Silver Cross my babies rode around in, like little royalty dressed to the nines. What great memories these miniatures bring, especially those we collect because they keep us in touch with our past. How's the project coming along ... my half's in a bit of a stall right now due to an unexpected, large order. Hope this finds you well and happy and full of creative inspiration ... m

  5. I'll have to show a picture of the modern pram again, it was very similar to the one I had for the boys!!!

  6. I love the blanket peaking out of the pram.

  7. Being a lover (and creator) of miniature prams myself I had to just say how beautiful this picture is :)