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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Knit With Me

I have sent the Knit With Me participants an email today and hope to post photographs of their progress of their Afghan knitting tomorrow....

I knitted my first Afghan in silk and am now 2/3 finished on the second Afghan which I knitted in the Venne 70/2.
The silk was slightly thicker than the Venne and I am looking forward to comparing the size difference having used the same amount of stitches and rows.

Please note the dirty line on the second Afghan, this was because I was knitting while waiting in a queue in the early hours of Friday morning.

It was the launch of the Apple IPad 3 in South Africa, I had been waiting a while to get me one of those.....It was also fun chatting to all the youngsters in the queue.

I'm happy to say that it is a delightful gadget and I can read patterns which are in PDF format perfectly, so no laptop needed anymore while traveling.

My children sounded rather pleased that the mother can also do crazy things......The next step is my new IPhone next week then I will be sorted!!!!


  1. I received your email thank you!!! I will be the dunce of the class I am sure....lol!

    Do not get me started regarding iPads......I absolutely adore mine (ipad2) how I got through the day without it I do not know. I have it filled with photos, music, movies, books and audio books in readiness for my holiday. It is fabulous and stylish and simply slips into my hand bag.....do you get the idea that I love it....lol!!! And I won't say a word about my iPhone!!!

    Linda x

    1. I'm having fun already, but not too much time to play with it.
      Completed the second Afghan knitted in the Venne 70/2...so now all good to go and play.

      I am also considering which bag to buy, my daughter works for Jimmy Choo and she tells me I am the only one that has never asked for "STUFF" ...one really has to consider all sorts before buying a handbag (purse as Americans call them) these days. lol

  2. I didn't get your email, but I read the post now (lol) I am not any further than putting the stiches on the needle, Thank you for learning me how to do that in a new way, this is much nicer than the way I did it before. I hope to knit a lot this week, because I hav some days of from work and the weather is bad.

    1. I have checked your email address and resent the email to you Klara, so you should be sorted.
      Enjoy Sharon

  3. I did not receive an email from you. Did you ask to comment on the progress of afghan?

    1. I am not sure of your email address, user names and so on can really get one in a muddle. Please email me privately.
      Thanks Sharon

  4. Hi Sharon
    First let me say I know it isn`t quite Friday yet but I am out all day tomorrow and will not have the chance to mail you on the Knit with Me day, so I am taking the liberty of asking my question today.....I wondered if you recieved my e-mail with the photos attached of my progress so far......? look forward to seeing everyone else`s work. Hope you had a fun time with Dutch friends. Virginia x

    1. Hi Virginia I have received your photograph, waiting for a few more then will publish them
      I think you have done great.....it is a matter of doing a little every day that one gets into the flow of Miniature knitting.

  5. Hello Sharon,
    I love your blog and your knitting is lovely. I have put a link to your blog on the miniature knitting page of my blog, I hope you do not mind.

  6. I will sent you a photograph of my work in progress. Have just decided to pull out have of it - lost some stitches (or made extras that is also possible) and now the pattern has lost its track. Any way. Like this a lot and have fun with some of the dutch knitters.