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Monday, October 10, 2011

Photography in the Studio

DSLR 1 An entry level course that will enable you to take better photographs with your digital SLR  camera.

Photograph Selection for my FIRST WEEKS PROJECT

Never having used a SLR camera before
(a camera with a removable lens) only a point and shoot which did all the "light thingie" and focusing for you, I was so intimidated.

I had no clue as to what cameras "DO"
I simply waited for the time of day when the light was the best for the type of photographs I needed to take.

Doing this assignment I constantly read and reread my notes, then looked up Aperture and ISO on the net...the more I read the less I knew and that was even less than NOTHING ....

Now this week I at the very least know what articles to look for.
I know how to set an ISO and aperture, which dials and buttons to press to do so...How to keep the exposure needle in the middle...one heck of a lot more than last week!

This course was a Christmas present to myself as I wanted to do tutorials, the photographs taken for tutorials don't just happen.

In November I hope I know enough to give your girls and boys a photographic tutorial on how I make fimo flowers for my outfits.


A great site for first time photographers

Knowledge with understanding is vital....

PS Did you know that when the shot you want to take is in focus the camera BEEPS at you, now there's a thing
Wish I knew that 200 shots ago!!!


  1. Just think if we still lived in the days of film only,the expense of developing over 200 prints to see what you have learned!!!!! Thank goodness for the digital age!!!!!

  2. Elga, You had me giggling as that was what was going through my mind ear while doing the assignment, "Now don't waste film Sharon!

    Imagine going to have them developed backwards and forwards and waiting a few days...Holy Moly.

    This is turning out to be a wonderful experience for me, thanks for giving me a smile.

  3. You are a fast leaner Sharon. The photo's are amazing. Love you doll Hilda, she is a patient model I think.

    Hugs Annelies