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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Photography in the Studio

Well the first photographic lesson is over...it started out with having to climb 8 flights of stairs, the building is in a revamp mode at the moment. Crikey I'm not fit, glad I got there first so I could catch my breath without anyone seeing the performance.

I turned out to be the oldest duck there. Six woman and one man is in the class. Must be that men "get" manuals and tech jargon better than us woman I suppose, but who cares we are on our way to learn to drive these camera's of ours.

The lesson was wonderful, a light was switched on and the shutter went up on what I hope is a whole new world of pleasure and creativity.

One of the biggest needs in our blog and miniature world is to take beautiful pictures of what we create for them to be properly enjoyed.
Blogs I enjoy for the wonderful photographic skills is 
Linda Carswell of the Une Petite Folie Blog 
Monica Roberts of Hither Thither and Yon Blog

Check them out you won't be disappointed.

Even learned a little photographic jargon
"open up" and "close down"
The aperture that is.....for a moment I thought I was at the dentist.

Also learned about "The Rule of Thirds" had heard of it before but so much better to have it explained and named all good. 
Was shown photographic examples which made it so much simpler to understand.
Google Rule of Thirds to see what is meant by it..interesting

Our brief for the first weeks homework is to put our cameras on 
M = Manual and go for it.

Take as many pictures as we like 
making sure they are not "over or under" exposed.
Getting that little line slap bang in the middle.

Was rather over excited I think so came home and finished off a little blue and yellow mouse dress.
Getting back into a calmer center of being, 
the rhythm of the clicking needles once again.

This is the last photgraph I am allowed to take with my 
Sony point and shoot, I'm now putting it high up in the cupboard so I am not tempted to use it till I have the 
"Knowledge with understanding" (our old school motto)
of this new which was until yesterday 

"a terrifying camera"  
Wow these cameras can do so much if only we take the time to learn how to push the various buttons.
One lesson at a time...YES

Taking good photographs knowing what was done with the dials and buttons and not by flook


  1. Sharon I'm so glad you are enjoying your classes. You certainly sound excited. =)

    I think that is the cutest mouse ever! =) She looks precious in her dress.

  2. Sharon you class sounds like a wealth of information....and valuable information at that, so pleased you enjoyed it...(regardless of ALL those stairs...lol?)

    Thank you for the kind words you wrote about my blog in this post....you made me blush.

    ....and I adore little Miss Mouse and that stunnning dress.

  3. Sharon, That little mouse makes me melt!!! I love her and the dresses you are making for her! Ana amazes me! I have a few of her pieces and am stunned by her talent. The camera class sounds wonderful. Your pictures have always been really great before too.