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IMAGINATION IS THE EYE OF THE SOUL Joseph Joubert. I am a mother of four...I still remember the smile that refused to go away for weeks after our daughters birth. To have a little girl appear after three sons seemed such a miracle. I have always enjoyed My Doll World, sharing it with Lara when she was little. Today I design knitted outfits for miniature dolls and enjoy every minute of it. The fact that the outfits are removable is what makes it so special for me. Using ever finer threads has opened so many MINIATURE DESIGN opportunities.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Miniature Knitting in the Studio

Thought I would show you whats happening in the studio this week. The jacket has to be knitted again, one extra pattern repeat is needed and also needs to be made longer.

I usually knit a new design starting on the gown, can't work out why I did it differently this time. 

This new thread I am using is like starting at the beginning and I am thrilled with the results.

This is a design I have had on my mind for ages love this little rose leaf pattern

The petticoat has to be done next ...I have a thing about petticoats, gowns simply need petticoats....




  1. I can't even begin to imagine how delicate your beautiful pieces must be in person. It's fantastic as always, Sharon! =)

  2. Un trabajo como si fuera de encaje (lace)
    Un abrazo

  3. Hi Crystal,
    I would like to know if you have a list of patterns of dollshouse knitting. I have some patterns of you and i would like to order more.


  4. I want to do this myself my mom remember her mom making these little babys for her in the 1950's when she was a child. The babys are about 1 inch in size and she would crochet a little dress on the baby and whip stich a safty pin on the back.Then she would attach it to her little dresses that she carefully made for her. I never got to meet my grandmother she had 5 girls and 4 boys. She died when my mother was 11 years old leaving my mother to care for her baby sister. I have to say this is the only site to find these little babys to keep my grandmother alive for my little girls and my mom. Thank you so much!