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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Days of Our Lives

Well I found something I have not seen in years.
This time it was in a box I was keeping for my son Gary.

What with all the wedding talk over the last few months thought this would be fun.

Just look what I made my bridesmaids wear I feel embarrassed really. Then I look at how young my little sister was.
How time flies.

Also that I don't have coloured photographs of that very first auspicious event in my life...makes one realize the years go by so much quicker than you think.

I remember trying to explain to the lady who made this bridal bonnet as to what I wanted.....She just couldn't understand first time round she made this Monk's Cowl affair....it was horrid.
Try and imagine one of those with flowers all over it.

It was the 60's after all we all were doing the flower power stuff.

Weren't we!!!

The woman became so impatient with me.

I remember looking at her, then quietly saying 
I'll show you how.... 
I gently took her work apart.

Ohhh remembering her mouth becoming pursed with annoyance, and anger showing all over her face...

I wonder how much extra Mom and Dad had to pay.

  I made what I wanted for her right there in her workshop. 

Slowly she came round and a smile appeared on her face.

We  are so determined at such a young age....but thinking about it now I was the one that had to wear the bonnet.

One does not have to accept mediocrity at all, if we can improve what has been done, do it!

I say to my children if they supposedly flew to the moon with the computers they had way back then .....
anything is possible today.

Now to make a miniature Bonnet.
They will have to be flowers made out of paper.
Watch this space


  1. I love this story, and the photos.....did you make a miniature bonnet?
    Margaret B

  2. El tocado es muy bonito... me hace recordar "San Francisco, flores en el pelo"
    Que novia tan hermosa
    Un abrazo

  3. Oh, what sweet photos and story. I can't wait to see your miniature bonnet!