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Saturday, March 2, 2013

Miniture Flowers and Plants

Well I have had such a wonderful time making miniature flowers and plants.

This is a fern we made with Erika Gross.....
so exciting to see the plant appear in front of you.
My Daughter said...Mom how big is the fern?
So now the picture on the hand....

Erika's attention to detail is simply awesome, at least the guy with the laser cutter thinks she does a dam fine job.
The preparation that goes into something like this does NOT happen in 
"only a few hours  "
There are a lot of steps in the process but oh so worth it.

Miniature Leather Leaf  Fern

Miniature Leather Leaf Fern in 1:12th Scale High Chair

I did not think I would ever be able to make a plant that would look so realistic.
For me it looks so real that I feel I need to water it!!!

Now, I have a plant in my home that has become part of the furniture if it were not in the room it would be tantamount to "someone" not something missing 
in my home, plants give atmosphere in ones home, that is for sure.......

I now need to make "my plant" in miniature. So the game is on. 
Measuring, photographing, matching colours.
The lady doing the artwork will be happy, as it certainly takes her out of the ordinary day to day stuff that she usually has to deal with!!!

Enjoy your weekend!

Sharon Chrystal

An addendum to this post 

I cannot express myself enough saying what a pleasure it is to work with

Erika's design of fern leaves

Erika's methods when it comes down to making the fern are very simple
and it is thanks to what she has taught us
that the fern has turned out so special ......

Thank goodness for her patience and help.
I was simply following instructions and doing as I was told!!!

Well most of the time anyway, as we are  usually so busy having fun!!!


  1. Stunning fern. I'd never guess it artificial, looks so alive.
    Hugs, Drora

  2. Drora I feel exactly the same, I keep going to the cabinet to have another look...it was such fun to make.

    Will have to take some to Holland and do a class for anyone interested.....

  3. Oh, your fern is fantastic! Does Erika sell kits for them or the finished plant?

  4. Erika is teaching a class at the South African Convention at Betty's bay this year as well as other flowers.
    Erika has a wonderful method of teaching. I know everyone loves her classes.
    There is still tweaking to be done to the laser cuts...as I said her attention to detail.... so the kits are not ready as yet.

    We were being her guinea pigs to see how long the class would take and what she needed to concentrate on for us.

    We are determined to make the convention a success this year...Join us at the convention in September Elga ...
    South Africa has a lot of talent to show the world!!!

  5. Your fern is wonderful and very realistic.
    Bye Faby

    1. Thanks Faby you are always so kind with your words!!!

  6. I have never seen a more beautiful fern.... EVER! You did such a great job, I just love it!

    1. Thanks so much Catherine, I just love it. I have put it on my work table as I can't see it from here.

      Erika's techniques are really easy to do but certainly give the fern it's life.....I feel I need to water it.

    2. Love the Fern and it's truly an amazing piece of work. Hopefully she will make kits for the future so we are all able to make one. It's really looking so real. Have a goid trip and perhaps i might see you somewhere in Holland.

    3. Hope to see you in Holland too, good to meet people you have only known on the internet!
      I will be going to the miniature Fair held in Holland in April

  7. Una planta fantástica, muy real ,feliz fin de semana:)

  8. Your fern is absolutely wonderful, it is so true. I just had to look twice. Nice work.


    1. Wyrna, Don't you just love it when you wonder is that a miniature or mmnnn MAYBE NOT then you say YES it is.... OMG

  9. Goodness......this is a gorgeous little fern, so real!!!! Simply brilliant!!!!!

    1. Thanks Linda, it was such fun to make.
      I like to think I can see the wind blowing through the leaves.
      Learning to age and moss up a planter was also a learning curve for me. Most times I'm trying to keep my knitting as clean as possible.....

    2. Sharon, your fern is wonderful. By the way, I have been trying to order some patterns for almost a month now and I haven't gotten a reply from you as yet???
      Konitta Pohrte (kj)

    3. Konitta I have not received any emails from you at all.
      Did you use the sharon@chrstalsdesigns.com Sometimes people leave the s off after chrystal so please check for me.
      Thanks for your comments about the fern....it was so relaxing to make. Want to make different sizes now.
      I suppose a mini Amazon forest is in order!!!!

  10. Te ha quedado precioso el helecho, es una buena época para las plantas, llega la primavera y pronto florecerán nuestros jardines:
    Un perfecto trabajo.
    Un abrazo